Website promotion in questions and answers

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How it works

Who are we

We provide motivated traffic services using our own user base around the world. No automatic cheating, bots and robots. All visitors to the site and subscribers are & mdash; real people performing tasks according to instructions.

Where do we get traffic

You launch an advertising campaign, and users receive a task: go to the site, subscribe, like. If the task is completed correctly, then after being checked by our service, the user receives a reward for completing the targeted action.

In the website traffic counter, our traffic will appear as traffic from search engines, social networks or direct visits. It is impossible to keep track of the fact that website traffic has increased, thanks to our resource.

What tasks we can solve

Motivated traffic is capable of solving a wide variety of tasks.

For site owners:

  • Increase attendance
  • Increase positions in the search using key phrases
  • Improve behavioral factors: view time, browsing depth
  • Increase ad unit revenues

For bloggers:

  • Promote your YouTube channel
  • Increase video viewing time
  • Get active subscribers

In social networks:

  • Increase activity under publications
  • Gather a large, alive audience in the community
  • Spread your content online using reposts

How to launch an ad campaign

There are two ways:

  1. Launch an ad campaign manually through the order form. Go to the page: 

Select the & ldquo; Website Traffic & rdquo; tab if you need to increase your website traffic.

Select the tab & ldquo; Social Networks & rdquo; if you need to promote your social network account.

  1. Create a request via the feedback form. Dont have time to set up an advertising campaign? Or did you not find what you were looking for? Describe your goals and objectives, and the service manager will launch and set up an advertising campaign. You can always contact him for any questions that arise.

Website traffic

To launch an advertising campaign to increase website traffic, fill in the following data in the form:

  • URL of your website. This is any page on your website that you want to attract visitors to.
  • Visits per day. Indicate the number of unique visitors per day
  • Clicks on banners and links. Each unique visitor who came to your site can make from 1 to 5 additional clicks on the internal pages of the site, banners, buttons and links.
  • Notes. All notes will be taken into account when creating an advertising campaign. Describe any other wishes, such as:
    • Key phrases for which you need to promote your site in the search
    • Geo of users
    • Instructions for completing the task by users: which link they should follow, which banner to click on.

Social networks

Select a social network by clicking on the corresponding logo. We work with the following social networks:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Next step

  • Advertising campaign type: likes, followers, comments, etc.
  • URL of profile. Insert a link to your profile, post, or community, depending on the type of ad campaign.
    For Instagram campaigns, enter your nickname.
  • Actions per day. How many subscribers, likes or comments per day are needed.
  • Note. All notes will be taken into account when creating an advertising campaign. Describe any wishes such as:
    • Geo of users: country, city
    • Gender and age
    • Schedule of tasks execution: days of the week, time of day

How to pay 

The advertising campaign is launched after the receipt of funds. How to replenish your campaign balance:

  1. Go to the balance replenishment page.
  2. Select an ad campaign.
  3. Enter the amount or number of visits / actions. If you enter an amount, the number in the & ldquo; Number of Actions & rdquo; field changes. And vice versa: when changing the value of & ldquo; Quantity & rdquo; the amount is changing.
  4. Bid for 1000 & mdash; this is the current price per 1000 visits / actions for the selected ad campaign.
  5. Choose a convenient payment method.

Payment Methods


We accept payments in WebMoney (WMZ, WMR and WMP) in automatic mode & mdash ; via WM Merchant. When ordering an advertising campaign or making a deposit, select the payment units and payment method, and then follow the instructions of the service. Funds will be credited to the balance within a few minutes after payment.


We accept units of account UMoney in real time via the ROBOXchange service. Funds will be credited automatically within a few seconds. Select "Yandex.Money" on the payment page for the advertising campaign, then follow the instructions.


You can pay for services from QIWI wallet in real time via ROBOXchange. Funds will be credited to the balance automatically within a few seconds after payment.


Instant crediting of funds via Paypal in dollars or rubles. Select the currency you need (ruble or dollar) and top up the balance from your wallet or bank card.

Credit Card

We accept credit card payments through the payment gate. To do this, when making a deposit, select the appropriate payment method and follow the further instructions on the payment gateway website.

Payment terminal

Select the appropriate method on the payment page for the advertising campaign, and follow the further instructions. We accept payments through several payment terminal networks using the Robokassa service.

Bank transfer

Specify the details of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur. After ordering the payment, the manager will send an invoice to your contact e-mail. After transferring funds, send a scan of the payment order to instantly credit the payment. Or, within 1-2 banking days, we will receive the funds and credit them to the account of your advertising campaign.

Bank card

Instant crediting of funds via UnitPay or Robokassa.

Alpha Click

Select & ldquo; Alpha Click & rdquo; for payment. This will redirect to the YuMoney service interface. Enter your username or phone number associated with Alfa-Click and receive an invoice for payment. Alfa-Bank will send a message with a request to confirm the payment at or through the Alfa-Bank mobile application. In the mobile application, go to & ldquo; Notifications & rdquo ;, select the invoice from Yandex.Money, specify the account to be debited and make the payment.

Sberbank Online

Instant crediting of funds to the balance through & ldquo; Sberbank Online & rdquo ;. After choosing a payment method, you will be redirected to the YuMoney service interface. Select a deposit method: & nbsp;

  • Mobile bank. An SMS with a transaction confirmation code will be sent to the phone number linked to the Sberbank card. & Nbsp;
  • Sberbank Online. Log into your Sberbank personal account and confirm the payment in your browser.

How to track order progress

Track the progress of each ad campaign and budget spending in the Statistics section.

  1. Go to to your personal account. Login data is sent to the email specified during registration. & nbsp;
    • If you forgot your password, go to the password recovery page.
    • If you placed an order without registration, contact the service manager and get your login information.
  2. Go to my campaigns.
  3. To the right of the ad campaign, click on the button
    The campaign control block will open.
  4. Click on the & ldquo; Statistics & rdquo; button.

Ask a question

Fill out the following form, and we will send the answer to your contact e-mail:

Average response time - 24 hours