Terms of Service

1. General provisions
1.1. This document, addressed to individuals, hereinafter referred to as the "Client", is an official, public and irrevocable offer of the Administration of the web service "Professional increase in attendance" (Internet address of the resource on the Internet: https: //vizitov.net), hereinafter referred to as the "Service", jointly or separately, conclude an agreement on the conditions below.
1.2. Full and unconditional acceptance of this public offer is the implementation by the Client of payment for the services offered by the Service in the manner specified in section 5 of this offer.
1.3. The acceptance of the offer by the Client means that the Client, a user of the "Professional increase in attendance" service, agrees with all the provisions of this offer, has studied the conditions for the provision and use of the services provided by the Service (posted in the public domain on the Internet at https://vizitov. net), understands its rights, existing risks, opportunities and obligations of the Service, the essence of the procedure and algorithm for the provision and payment of services.

2. Subject of the agreement
2.1. The Service provides the Client with telematic marketing and information services of an advertising nature related to the promotion of sites (profiles, groups, accounts, counters, video, audio, graphic content, etc.) on the Internet, and also provides the Client with other additional services from among those provided on the Service website (posted in the public domain on the Internet at https://vizitov.net).
2.2. The client independently orders, pays for and accepts services in accordance with the rules of the Service, regulations, restrictions, taking into account the recommendations for each of the listed services, posted in the public domain on the Internet at https://vizitov.net.

3. Obligations of the parties
3.1. Service undertakes:
3.1.1. Provide the Client with a set of telematic marketing and information advertising services, independently selected, ordered and fully paid by the Client, in accordance with the terms of this public contract (offer).
3.2. The client undertakes:
3.2.1. To familiarize yourself with this offer, study the conditions for the provision and use of services provided by the Service (information is available in the public domain on the Internet at https://vizitov.net).
3.2.2. Predict the possible consequences of incorrect use of the services provided by the Service, adequately assess the existing risks, directly or indirectly arising from its actions.
3.2.3. Do not use the technological capabilities and / or services of the Service to perform actions that directly or indirectly violate the norms of morality, the legislation of the country of residence of the Client, including but not limited to: threats and insults, illegal advertising, incitement to violent actions, organizing riots, incitement of interethnic and / or interethnic enmity, calls for an unconstitutional overthrow of the government, etc.

4. Rights of the parties
4.1. The service has the right:
4.1.1. Unilaterally make changes and additions to the terms of this offer.
4.1.2. Interrupt the provision of services without notifying the Client for technical, technological or other reasons that impede the provision of services, for the period of elimination of such reasons.
4.1.3. At any stage of processing the order placed by the Client, unilaterally, refuse to accept, pay or further process it, incl. and if the service is fully paid by the Client, in case of violation of the terms of this offer, by the decision of the Service Administrator.
4.1.4. Reject an application for ordering a service if the Client incorrectly indicated information in the application, including when submitting applications through online forms, as well as in other cases of violation of the terms of this offer.
Re-processing of the application is carried out only after eliminating the reasons that served as the basis for the rejection of the application and sending a message to the Support Service with a request to re-consider the application.
4.1.5. Make changes to tariffs. The Service notifies Clients about changes in tariffs by posting relevant information on the Service website: https://vizitov.net. Services that were paid for by the Client before the change in tariffs are provided in accordance with the tariffs that were valid at the time of payment.
4.2. The client has the right:
4.2.1. Use the services of the Service at your own discretion, in strict accordance with the terms of this agreement (public offer).

5. Payment terms and settlement procedure
5.1. Prices for services are determined in accordance with the tariffs posted in the public domain on the Internet at https://vizitov.net
5.2. In some cases, the cost of additional and technological services provided to Clients at their request
5.3. Payment for the services ordered by the Client, regardless of the method of ordering and the algorithm for subsequent implementation, is carried out by the Client in the form of 100% prepayment through one of the payment gateways available to the Client (depending on the territorial location of the payer), in the Clients personal account (https://vizitov.net/astat.php) or directly when placing an order through the appropriate online form on the website of the service "Professional increase in traffic" (https://vizitov.net).
5.4. The rest of the funds are returned only through the payment gateway from which these funds were credited, if there are tools for returning funds. Otherwise, the funds deposited by the Client on a prepaid basis are non-refundable. When paying through the UnitPay payment gateway, if the service was not provided through the fault of the Administration, then a refund is possible - for this you need to write to order@vizitov.net with full description of the problem. The term for consideration of an application for a refund is 7 days.

6. Responsibilities of the parties
6.1. The parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations if this was the result of force majeure circumstances, circumstances of an extraordinary nature that the parties could not foresee or prevent.
6.2. The service is not responsible:
a) for the work of third-party sites and services that take part in processing the order, for technological violations and failures in the work of third-party scripts on remote servers, sites, cloud storages, for interruptions and / or lack (partial or complete) access to the above network objects and technological infrastructure, reduction or lack of speed during data transmission, for loss, damage or possible distortion of the transmitted data;
b) for any illegal or other actions of Clients and third parties that became possible due to the services provided by the Service;
c) for any obligations of the Client or third parties, expenses, lost profits, as well as for any direct or indirect losses arising from the direct or indirect use of the Service by the Client or third parties representing the interests of the Client, as well as losses, expenses, lost profits, incurred by the Client, as a result of disconnection (short-term or complete) or suspension of the provision of services to him;
d) for possible unauthorized use by third parties of marketing services provided by the Service on condition of anonymity, incl. and in the event that the above actions were carried out by the Client against the will of the principal, incl. and subject to this public contract (offer);
6.3. The client is solely and fully responsible:
a) for all actions taken from his account (account) in the Clients Personal Cabinet (https://vizitov.net/astat.php).
b) for any kind of damage incurred by the Client or third parties, the Clients trustees, in the course of using the services of the Service.
6.4. The responsibility of the parties for non-performance or improper performance of the terms of the public contract is clearly indicated in the text of this offer. The parties are not entitled to demand from each other compensation for any losses or compensation for expenses in any form, unless otherwise determined by the terms of this offer.

7. Final Provisions
7.1. This public agreement (offer) enters into force from the moment of its acceptance, and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations under this agreement.
7.2. By entering into this agreement, the Parties confirm that they have all the necessary powers and rights for its execution.
7.3. The Contractor provides services on an "as is" basis and does not give any guarantees, including:
a) increasing the quantitative and qualitative indicators;
b) growth of TCI, PR and other indicators;
c) changing positions in search engines and increasing traffic;
d) any other guarantees, explicit or implicit, arising, in the opinion of the Client, from the fact of commercial use of the Services services.
7.4 Disagreements arising in the course of the implementation of a public contract (offer), the parties resolve through negotiations, on a mutually beneficial basis, proceeding from considerations of expediency, guided by the provisions of this public agreement (offer).

8. Guaranteed payments and payment procedure:
8.1 You can pay for the order with Visa, Master Card, Mir bank cards or through Apple Pay or PayPal payment systems (the latter is only for buyers from outside the Russian Federation). To pay for the purchase, you will be redirected to the server of the Unitpay payment system, where you need to enter the necessary data. When paying with a bank card, payment security is guaranteed by the Unitpay processing center.
The Unitpay payment system has a confirmed certificate of compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard in terms of storing, processing and transferring cardholder data. The PCI DSS bank card security standard is supported by international payment systems, including MasterCard and Visa, Inc. The Unitpay system is also a member of the Compliance Control PCI DSS Compliance Process (P.D.C.P.) continuous compliance program. Your confidential data required for payment (card details, registration data, etc.) are not sent to the online store - their processing is carried out on the side of the Unitpay processing center and is completely protected.”
8.2 Payment cards are accepted for payment: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR.
To pay for goods with a bank card, when placing an order in the online store, select the payment method: by bank card.
When paying for an order with a bank card, the payment is processed on the banks authorization page, where you need to enter your bank card details:
1. Card type
2. Card number,
3. Validity of the card
4. Name of the cardholder (in Latin letters, exactly as indicated on the card)
5.CVC2/CVV2 code
If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to go through the authentication procedure. For information about the rules and methods of additional identification, check with the Bank that issued your bank card.